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Joshua Cullins

Chiropractor located in Flatiron District, New York City, NY

About Joshua Cullins

Dr. Cullins is a healthcare professional that has been practicing within the metropolitan area for the past 15 years, with a focus on treating everyday acute to chronic patient care, as well as a huge passion for competitive sports rehabilitation, and overall wellness care. His extensive background and experiences make Dr. Cullins a proficient clinician working with patient presentations from spinal conditions, to extremity evaluations, and with the tools to rehabilitate and restore the patient back to normal activities and enhance their performance to the next level. Patients and clientele range from the every day acute injury to the elite athlete that is looking for longevity and peak performance. 

Practicing as a board certified Chiropractor, his Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning education and background aides his passion for focusing on specialization of cervical spine, shoulder, and elbow conditions, and follow up with post-surgical care for all orthopedic conditions, biomechanical evaluations followed by appropriate strength and conditioning programs, and the Study and application of Elite Sports Science. Individualized and intense regimented care plans are the structured goal of this doctor to restore the patient’s back to health.

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